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Spotted a bald eagle today

This weekend I am back in Missouri to close on our home. Considering that I was so close I took the opportunity to go see my niece and nephew. As dad and I were driving along my brothers road, a rural road out in the country, I spotted a very large bird take flight. It had been along side the road ahead of us and began flying directly away. I quickly spotted the white tail feathers and knew I was seeing a bald eagle!

We watched as if flew off a short distance and landed in a large tree off the side of the road. We stopped and enjoyed the rare sight of a bald eagle in this area. It put up with us for awhile before it took flight and disappeared over the hill.

This was the second time in as many years I’ve seen a bald eagle in this area. The first one I sighted was at a considerable distance while I was deer hunting. Now that I’m moving to Missouri I hope I’ll have more opportunities to see this magestic symbol of our Nation.

Almost time to close on the house

I’m standing here in line at the airport trying to redeem a voucher I received during my last trip to MO. Our closing date is a week away and we’re all getting pretty excited.

Tomorrow the moving company shows up to begin packing our stuff. I’m thankful to not have to do this move on my own! It’s amazing how much “stuff” one collects over the years. We’ve donated a fair amount of stuff to Good Will and filled a few dumpsters with rubbish.

We’ll be sleeping on air mattresses for the remainder of our time in CA and for a time upon arrival. I’m not particularly excited about it but I know the two little ones will think it a great adventure.

Getting the truck ready for the drive home

Today I am having the truck serviced and getting ready for our drive from here in California back to Missouri. Just a couple weeks and we are on our way.

There is a lot of snow back in Missouri. After inspecting my tires and found them lacking. After a trip to a local tire store the old truck is sporting a set of Wrangler MT/R. They appear to handle well on the road and are surprisingly quiet.

Burrrr !!

With our move date quickly approaching my friends back in Missouri have been reminding me how cold it is back there. While I’m seeing sunny days in the 70′s NW Missouri is seeing temperatures near zero with the wind chill.

As if the cold isn’t enough there will be snow to contend with. There is around 7 inches on the ground with drifts getting up to 3 feet deep. My brother lives in the country and his road is so bad he can’t get his car down the road to get home. He is parking his car near the highway and then pushing his way through those drifts on foot to get home.

Beginning a new chapter in our life

It has been some time since I last posted to my blog, there just is never enough time in the day.  Here is a quick update.

Dee is due to retire from the Navy next month after 20 years as a SeaBee.  Her retirement ceremony is the end of this month on the Port Hueneme naval base here in California.  As soon as her retirement ceremony is complete we load into the truck and make the drive back to Missouri.

We’re closing on a house we bought there in NW Missouri a few days before her retirement ceremony.  Talk about cutting things close!  It’s a nice house; I looked for nearly 2 years before finding this one.  It’s a ranch  style home with a great kitchen and a full basement.  It’s located out in the country off of a state highway and sits on about 10 acres of property.

The girls are excited at the prospect, especially Sidney.  She has a very strong bond with her grandmother and can’t wait to be near her.  Jasmine is looking forward to being able to spend time with horses.  Dee is looking into starting her own business once she is there.  She is excited and looking forward to what the future may bring.

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