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Geocaching with the girls

Dee had duty again today and was going to be gone all day. It was going to be a nice day so I decided to do a little geocaching. After breakfast and getting everyone dressed we loaded up and headed out.

We met up with Jeph and his wife Sara after lunch and grabbed a few caches together. It sure helped having that many more sets of eyes to find those caches!

When we all started to get hot we headed our seperate ways. After a quick errand the girls and I stopped at Dairy Queen for some well deserved ice cream.

At the end of the day we logged 13 found caches with zero did not finds. Undoubtedly this was my personal best day so far. And it make it even better, three of those caches were ones I had failed to find on previous attempts.

The girls are all tired after our busy day. A nice warm bath tonight and they should be ready for bed.

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